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Unicorn Birthday Party Magic or Must

by Nesting Project
Unicorn Birthday Party Magic or Must

Hardly anyone escapes the overwhelmingly dramatic desires of little girls to have a unicorn party. Unicorns allow us to suspend our beliefs and enter into the mystical and magical rainbow world of glitter and sprinkles, to escape from reality…let me tell you, I wanted to escape from the reality of what throwing a unicorn party meant too but once I got into it, I let my inner child skip across the fluffy clouds and made the best of it.

You don’t need to bleed rainbows to have a good enough event for your guest of honor so don’t try to become a unicorn. Know your limits and give it a go. 


THE PIN THE HORN ON THE DONKEY Planner: you waited until the last minute and all the real unicorn party accessories are sold out and won’t be restocked anytime soon because they’re stuck on some shipping container in the Port of Long Beach. You may have to get a little creative but not all is lost.

  • Invitation: DIY Template – all you need is a printer and for a few dollars more, you can usually find a whole set of party printables.
  • Craft: Print some coloring pages online or grab some printer paper and crayons, glue, scissors, glitter or anything shiny and have a create your own unicorn station.
  • Food: Unicorn Toast – unless there is a snow storm looming, bread and yogurt should be abundant at the store. Vanilla yogurt plus some food coloring, swirl, not too much, add to toast. Voila!
  • Decoration: Unicorn Balloon – buy it or draw it. Click here for ideas. 
  • Cake/Sweet: Marshamallow Pops –marshmallows, wooden kabob skewers or cake pop sticks, melting chocolates and sprinkles. Melt Chocolate in microwave safe cup, dip stick in chocolate before inserting into marshmallow (let dry and harden), dip whole marshmallow in chocolate and then into sprinkles.  if you don’t have a cake pop stand, flip over a colander or egg carton and use the holes or egg dome to prop up pops.
  • Birthday Outfit: anything rainbow, think Punky Brewster, anything goes.
  • Giveaway: Rainbow popcorn – it’s not rocket science but it’s cheap and you can even make this a craft station.


Photo Credits: headband by Sunny Tuesday, Masks by Crayola, Rainbow Popcorn by The Girl Inspired, Unicorn Cookies by Summers Sweet Shoppe


THE MAGIC WON’T CREATE ITSELF Planner: you’re ready to create your own brand of magic so let’s unleash the creative, positive, self-assured and confident planner that lives inside you.

  • Invitation: Unicorn invitations are usually rainbow so if you don’t have a color printer at home, we suggest buying and having them printed online. Here’s one of our favorites by another maker.
  • Craft: Paper Plate Unicorn mask – not only is it a fun activity, everyone gets a costume but be sure to snap a photo of all the kids when they’re done.
  • Food: Rainbow Veggie Tray – make sure you have 7 different shades of fruits and veggies
  • Decoration: We know you have paper plates. Set the table with paper plates, different colored construction paper and a sugar cone turned upside down.
  • Cake/Sweet: Cookies seem a little less formal than cake but because they can match the theme easily and can be individually wrapped, finding a local cookie artist will add pizzazz without the stress.  Paint your own cookies can double as a giveaway. . 
  • Birthday Outfit: Unicorn Headband – the most important part of the unicorn is its horn. 
  • Giveaway: If you don’t opt for the paint your own cookie, grab a 15 count multi colored Play-Doh party pack at Target.


 Photo Cred: Rainbow Cupcakes by me (I told you I got into it), Foil Invitations by Nesting project, Unicorn PIzza by Hello Yummy


EVERYTHING GLITTER AND GOLD Planner: between running your kids to soccer practice and work, this planner makes the most of their free time and has a bit more organizational and time management skill.

  • Invitation: Rainbows yes but a little extra gold foil, absolutely. Gold Foil Unicorn Invitation
  • Craft: Unicorn Slime – it can be messy but every kid loves it most with glitter
  • Food: Unicorn Pizza – food coloring is your friend. Cheese and Ziploc bags are all you need to add to your normal routine.
  • Decoration: Photo Station – rainbow or solid color metallic foil fringe is all you really need.  find a rocking horse, slap a horn on that sucker and now you’re rocking (pun intended)
  • Cake/Sweet: Unicorn Cupcakes – traditional cake cupcake with a twist, literally. You’ll need a bag of caramels to roll and then twist for the horn. Expert Tip: buy this three color piping bag to create the most best rainbow icing.
  • Birthday Outfit: A personalized unicorn shirt always does the trick
  • Giveaway: Unicorn Mane – don’t call it cotton candy, call it what you want. 


I AM A UNICORN Planner: Don’t kid yourself, unicorns don’t really exist.


EXTRA CREDIT: UNICORN GIFTS (need to add something fun here but will put a gift list of 3 of our favorites 


by Nesting Project